Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Storms of Oklahoma City

What's a Christ follower to do when families are devastated by natural disasters?  Have you asked that question?  What should be my reaction?  Perhaps anger?  Perhaps disgust?  There is no way to logically wrap our minds around this loss of life.  Yet somehow, In the midst of this disaster, we trust in our Sovereign God. We trust that He will work through this disaster to bring us closer to himself.  We trust that just like Jesus' death on the cross served to bring closer to God.  Somehow this tragedy will serve to bring many to Christ, but this does not answer the "Why?".  Many are asking "Why?", the short answer is sin is in our world and it impacts the whole of life.  The devil is busy and he seeks to kill, steal and destroy.  However, we know that though he may at times appear to have won, we in Christ have the victory! 

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